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Family Programs

Dog owners of all ages can participate!


Many dog training programs aren’t family-friendly because they rely on heavy corrections that children can’t do. However, Pawsitive Partners believes that training is fun for the entire family and wants to integrate your two-legged children with your four-legged ones! In addition, we have seminars and specialty training available to help your family prepare for a dog or your dog prepare for a family. Check out our special family programs!

Baby Preparation: Have you thought about how your dog will react to the latest addition to your family? Most dogs instinctually adapt to changes in the house very well, but an untrained dog can add extra headache to an already stressful time. Through simple and positive methods, Pawsitive Partners can help you prepare your dog for the baby as well as train away any undesirable behaviors.

Kids and Dogs Seminars: If you would like to prepare your family for a dog or your dog for a family or if you would just like to teach your children how to interact with dogs, the Pawsitive Partners lecture series is for you. Lectures are available on “Preparing for a Baby,” “How to Select the Perfect Dog for your Family” and “Children and Dogs: Pawsitive Interactions.” Have us come speak to your group or sign up to attend an upcoming lecture.

Dog Days: If you are a camp and daycare coordinator who is interested in teaching your group about interacting with dogs, a version of “Children and Dogs: Pawsitive Interactions” can be tailored to your group. Children can learn how to interact with known dogs as well as how to respond to trained dogs. Therapy dog, Chubbs, will be on hand for children to practice their new dog skills.

To get started, call 310-872-7125 or email

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